Real Men with Imaginary Issues

RMWII - Episode 3 - Amanda Bynes Redux

August 8, 2017

How would you sell something on the dark web? Is time traveling really worth it? Is your past or future more valuable? Did Adam Sandler get it right in the hit film "Click"? Which cereal mascot could best lead a country? Buckle up everyone, this ride gets bumpy.

Time codes if you want to jump around:

4:40 - 12:45 Selling the Hope diamond
12:48 - 22:29 Time traveling inventions
22:43 - 31:57 Most valuable body part
32:03 - 37:05 Losing your past or future
37:06 - 40:39 Undo time vs. copy and paste
40:41 - 51:05 Cereal mascot world leaders

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