Real Men with Imaginary Issues

RMWII - Episode 2 - Clone army Spain attack

August 1, 2017

This week we tackle how to properly greet strange women, lucid dreaming, idiom origins, becoming masters of linguistics and instruments, and a 100% completely accurate discussion about Star Wars universe mechanics. Thanks once again to Luster for letting us use their song "You've Got the Heat". Huge thank you to everyone who has checked us out so far, and I heard that if you get 5 of your friends to also listen to the show, you will become super attractive. Not sure of the logistics of that but only one way to find out.

Time codes if you want to skip around

12:04 - 20:21 Greeting women
20:29 - 31:38 Lucid dreaming
31:39 - 48:53 Idiom origins
48:56 - 55:45 Becoming language/instrument masters
55:53 - 1:01:23 Star Wars

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